Rear Wheel of a Red Racing Bike

You wake in the morning. Sun is out you smell the dew outside. It’s not to hot but not to cold either. You feel the urge to go outside. Take your bike and all gear needed to help you get through your ride. You take that GPS on your bike and ask for a random ride. Let’s say 50K is enough…

You start your ride and you see some nice landscapes but you also need to ride next to some bigger roads. More cars, more danger, less stress relieving.

You get home and think I can do this better and you start planning your route carefully for next time you go out. You open the planner that came with your GPS or Strava (if you are summit member) and start planning. After a while you finally have what you think you are looking for… but is this really what you are looking for? Is this worth my time?

Today we launch a service where we will plan this for you. You give us the start and endpoint and we will create that route for you. We will send you the GPX file with a ride ready to go.

You want to get a new ride every month? Then look at our subscription. We will send you 12 route per year going through some of the most lovely places in Belgium!

1 ride = 5 euro

12 ride = 30 euro = 2.5 euro per ride

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