Reaching a goal might look impossible to achieve. Most of the time you know where to go. Look at the picture. If your goals are at the end of the horizon the only thing you need to do is drive toward that little dot at the end of the horizon. Sometimes the destination is less visible but getting there with the right GPS will help you reach your unknown destination. Easy! 

SANO Personal Training and Movelo collaborated to engage business to reach a goal together with their employees and business partners. Getting fit together is fun! You learn to push your limits together. You are creating a better version of yourself both physically and mentally! Getting fit is always a good idea… but what if we can add something to the mix? Why aren’t you taking your company for a 100km cycling ride? Or why aren’t we training to climb a col in the South of France? Some goals might look hard and they might even be seen as impossible to reach. No goal is impossible to achieve if you start training for it. Working together with your team to reach a goal can be an important motivator for your teams to reach that next level.

There is a quote that summarizes this perfectly – “A goal without a plan is just a wish”. Some goals need to look impossible. For some goals you need to push the boundaries constantly. Pushing the limit just a little higher every time you exercise. 

Therefor we started a collaboration with our partner SANOpt where we are offering Get Fit programs. We want to bring your employees and business partners to that higher level. We will be starting with a test to determine the fitness level of every participant. Once we did this we will know base level for everyone. It is our mission to bring everyone to the goal. 

We will be planning individual and team milestones to give everyone that extra push and stay motivated. 

Movelo & SANOpt would love to work with you and your team to define that dot on the horizon and the road toward the destination. Interested? Make sure you fill in the form underneath.


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